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Hello! My name is Jen McGraw.

My connection to animals started way before I became a professional pet sitter! I have been drawn to animals from as far back as I can remember, always having a special bond with our family pets and wanting to save all the animals on the planet. I have 3 cats at home - Maleen, Odie and Shadow - and I work to keep them happy and well cared for. (Luckily they don't get too jealous when I come home smelling like other people's pets everyday!)

I started McGraw's Paws after many years of pet sitting for friends and family. I had no idea you could actually be a full-time pet sitter until I did a little research one day and - BOOM -McGraw's Paws was born! 

Since 2016 I have proudly built a loyal client base through word of mouth referrals. I consider my clients an extended family that I get to serve and, in turn, they trust me to care for their pets. Every morning I wake up and still can't believe I get to do what I do for a living; I am so grateful! 

​May all beings be met with compassion and loving kindness,

Jen McGraw


This Could Be You

We're always interested in hearing from fellow pet lovers who might be interested in joining the McGraw's Paws team! Experience is preferred but not necessary. A love of animals is a must! This is solitary work which requires a person who has an excellent work ethic, time management skills, communication skills and has an extremely pleasant and kind personality. Integrity -above all else- is what I am looking for when bringing on a team member.

Emal a cover letter and resume if interested!

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